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Job Creation in "BHARAT"

  • A standout feature of Vahlay Consulting's operations is its commitment to generating employment in Bharat. Valay Patel and Hansal Kava recognize the importance of contributing to the socio-economic fabric of their home country. Through strategic expansion and successful project acquisitions, Vahlay Consulting has become a significant employer in Bharat, offering diverse opportunities in areas such as sales, technology, and project management.

  • The founders' commitment to nurturing local talent is reflected in the company's initiatives, including skill development programs and mentorship opportunities. By creating a conducive work environment, Vahlay Consulting aims not only to provide employment but also to foster a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within the organization.

Tele-Sales Executive
(USA , Canada)

Telesales executives are skilled communicators who excel in persuading customers over the phone to purchase products or services. Their responsibilities include generating leads, maintaining customer satisfaction, and following sales scripts to drive success. With a focus on customer service, negotiation, and sales targets, telesales executives play a crucial role in driving revenue and building strong customer relationships.



Telemarketers excel with well-crafted scripts, guiding conversations to achieve objectives effectively. These scripts keep prospects engaged, maintain professionalism, and provide control over sales interactions. Crafting a successful telemarketing script involves identifying prospects, adding value, and adapting to various scenarios for optimal communication outcomes.

Human Resources

Human resource management is a strategic approach to optimizing employee performance and achieving organizational objectives. It involves overseeing recruitment, training, compensation, and employee relations to enhance workplace productivity. HR professionals play a crucial role in talent management, policy development, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Customer Support

Customer support is a vital function that ensures customer satisfaction by addressing queries and resolving issues promptly. It involves providing assistance before, during, and after a purchase to enhance the customer experience. Through various channels like phone, email, and chat, customer support agents offer troubleshooting, maintenance, and onboarding assistance. The evolution of customer support has seen a shift towards proactive service delivery, focusing on personalized interactions and continuous improvement to meet customer expectations.

Administrator Managment

In administrative management, overseeing support systems and procedures is key to operational efficiency. Providing guidance on administrative issues and liaising with stakeholders are vital responsibilities. Specialized knowledge in business and administration management is essential for strategic decision-making. Effective administrative management ensures smooth operations, compliance, and organizational success.

Data Entry Managment

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